Buying quality CBD oil

CBD oil has certainly skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. CBD has been tested in labs or clinical trials and has been found to provide numerous benefits for a range of medical ailments. It has also been famously linked to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. Not bad for a small hemp compound that no one knew existed until recently.

But with great fame, comes cheap knockoffs of questionable quality, and confusing terminology that only the cool kids seem to know. For the uninitiated, you’ll probably have more questions about CBD products than you did before you started researching. There are so many manufacturers, brands, and methods of consumption available. So how can you be sure that CBD oil is of the best quality? Is it safe for human consumption? What is the correct dosage? How much THC does it contain? Why does CBD Isolate sound lonely?

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural compound extracted from the leaves, flowers, and other plant matter of hemp plants. Another compound found in hemp is THC, which is the one that has psychoactive properties that get you high. THC has historically been better known, but CBD is becoming even more popular due to its potential media and therapeutic benefits.

CBD oil is made by diluting CBD extract with a carrier, most commonly coconut or hemp seed oil. After consumption, CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system throughout the body to regulate and maintain homeostasis.

What is Full Spectrum CBD & CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate uses 99 nearly pure CBD that was isolated from all other cannabinoids after extraction from hemp plants.

Full Spectrum CBD utilizes CBD, THC, and all other cannabinoids present during extraction from hemp plants.

Was CBD Oil Lab tested by a 3rd party?

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a study in 2017 and found that 26 of the 84 products they tested contained less CBD than what was printed on the label. That’s why most experts agree that CBD products should always be tested by trusted third-party lab to confirm the accuracy of the ingredients.

If the CBD oil has been tested, the retailer should have lab reports for that product readily available somewhere on their website. Look for a certificate of analysis, a quality assurance seal, or check the product label or the manufacturer’s website.

If you can’t find the lab reports, it could mean a few different things. The test results don’t match the label, it contains harmful contaminants, a minor about cannabinoids. It could also mean they forgot to add test results to their website, or they didn’t get tested.

Without a lab report, there is no way to confirm what the product contains or even if it is safe for consumption.

The best way to identify reputable companies with quality products is if they have ISO or International Organization for Standardization accreditation. This means that their laboratory operates under certain guidelines while meeting or exceeding the level of standards set by a governing body. There are other reliable accreditation programs such as ILAC, but ISO accreditation is the most widely used standard for hemp testing.

The main component of a product analysis report is to list each detectable cannabinoid and its concentration in the sample. You should always confirm that the product analysis report is consistent with the cannabinoid content on the product label. It is definitely cause for concern if there is a large discrepancy between the figures, while a slight deviation in cannabinoid content is fine.

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