CBD and THC in Harmony

A dazzling appearance, fruity flavors and a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 make Royal Highness a highly sought after strain. It produces a stupendous double effect, ideal for day and night.

In addition to providing a very interesting cannabinoid profile, Royal Highness has a unique and striking appearance. It is a very striking strain that will impress anyone lucky enough to visit your grow, and when the hemp is cured it will wow your stoner friends.

Overall, Royal Highness stands out as a unique, almost incomparable variety; and there is no doubt that it will bring a different touch to your crop. Are you thinking of growing this cannabidiol-rich variety? To learn more about it in detail, check out the information below.

Royal Highness Genetic Analysis: The offspring of Respect and Dancehall

Before they even began the process of creating Royal Highness, the Royal Queen Seeds breeding team developed a vision of exactly what they wanted to achieve. The goal was simple: to create a strain with very high levels of CBD but still exert a potent psychoactive effect.

As experts in the field, our breeders knew exactly where to start. Juanita la Lagrimosa holds the crown as the most legendary CBD-rich strain. The breeding team used this variety to create a series of CBD-rich strains. Instead of going directly to this strain, they decided to use reliable strains and descendants of its lineage.

First, they opted to include Dancehall 24 in the mix. This sativa-dominant lady is descended from the Juanita la Lagrimosa and Kalijah strains, and has won awards thanks to its cerebral and energetic high. Her earthy and fruity terpene profile also made her a hit in the hemp world. After some thought, our team decided on Respect 13 as the second ascendant strain. Its medium THC levels and rich, complex terpene profile would be a great addition to the mix.

After several generations of crosses, Royal Highness emerged as a stable phenotype with a very balanced genetic profile, composed of 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics.

Growing Royal Highness: a spectacle in any crop

Royal Highness has earned a reputation as a hardy and versatile strain. Both novice and veteran growers can enjoy the fruits provided by this variety without too much hassle. It provides ideal results when grown in greenhouses and cupboards in temperate climates, but can also withstand slightly cooler outdoor temperatures when grown in pots and beds.

The plants will quickly become the stars of your indoor or outdoor grow, producing stunning shades of dark green and dark violet, almost black. Indoor plants maintain a small size, without exceeding 60-100cm in height, depending on the size of the container used. This small size makes this variety ideal for growing discreetly and without attracting attention. In more extreme cases, it is even able to adapt to a modified closet or a pot of 5 liters.

Indoors, it can produce respectable yields of 550-600g/m². It responds well to techniques such as low stress training, something that will help you maximize its productivity. To create a more productive canopy and also keep its size under control, we recommend a bit of top and main-lining pruning. Plants will be ready to cut after nine weeks of flowering.

Outdoor plants grow a little longer, reaching heights of 80-110cm. To grow discreetly you will need to apply apical pruning and low stress training, as it will allow you to keep the plants closer to the ground and avoid getting caught. To disguise the smell during the flowering phase and also to defend it from pest insects, it is recommended to put associated plants at the beginning of the season.

We also recommend enriching the soil with organic compost and mycorrhizal fungi to improve the health of the root system and prevent pathogenic microbes from attacking the root zone. Outdoor plants typically produce about 425-475g per plant and will be ready to harvest in early October.

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