Where is the Pro?

The Junior Academy is up and running. Greg and his dedicated teaching staff are hard at work with these eager kids. Each junior is entitled to at least 6 hours of instruction a week. Our juniors will also be learning all aspects of the game. They will learn exercises to help keep their bodies in top shape. They will be learning proper golf etiquette and behavior on the course. Respect and responsibility are two of the most important traits we want our juniors to learn. By learning how to treat people and to be responsible for their own actions, we are able to teach these lessons that these kids will carry for the rest of their lives. It is our goal to not only to turn these juniors into players, but to also give them all the tools that they need to mature into young adults. There are still spots available even for those kids that are going out of town. Greg will take the time they missed out of the initial fee.

So if you are looking for Greg he can be found on the range. He is more than capable of taking care of everyone’s needs, but lesson times are filling up fast this summer. Call the Pro Shop to set up your lesson’s, but do not wait. We cannot guarantee you will get your first choice time.